Our Approach

What We Are Looking For

Expedited Climb Capital supports companies along the spectrum of research and development (R&D), engineering and manufacturing development (E&MD), and production and deployment of aerospace and defense systems, subsystems, and components or parts for the U.S. and its allies.

Investing in Your Future

We typically invest a minimum of $4 million USD to develop new products or technologies in the Aerospace and Defense sectors.  Our focus is to partner with technology companies that anticipate bringing the new product or capability to market within four years. We work with companies of all sizes, from tier one, prime contractors to the smallest component suppliers deep in the supply chain.  Our approach is not limited to military/government end use only; we welcome products and technologies having dual uses, e.g. commercial and government market applications.

Work with Us

Develop, market, and sell your innovations with financial support from Expedited Climb Capital. We can bring your vision to reality!